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Visual communication is an integral part of the Internet. By using the flexibility of the Web, we can be transported to places we have never been to--anywhere in the world. For this project, I chose to look at one of the places that is near where I live--Princeton University. The University campus is huge, and yet there are so many details in the architecture around campus that one could spend days there just looking at the buildings. I chose to show just a tiny fraction of what I see when I walk through a small portion of the campus.


My plan, since its inception, was to make a web-based image map using this altered map, with “push pins” or dot markers on the map. The user would then click on the push-pin or dot, and a photo will open up in a smaller window, with a description.

I was able to whittle down my large collection of photos that I took over three visits to the campus, and with some editing to the map and a little Javascript help, the site has become what I wanted it to be.


By clicking on a map pin, you can see a pop-up detail of what I see when in, near or by a particular building.

Image Map of Partial map of Princeton University with pushpins for links to photo images Tower at Rockefeller College Hallway at Holder Hall Tiger at Nassau Hall Outside Chancellor Green Window in Chancellor Green Study Room Chancellor Green Weathervane at Firestone Library Lantern at Firestone Library Biology Lab Plaque at Firestone Library Detail at Door Archway: Blair and Joline Halls Detail inside Door Archway: Blair and Joline Halls View to the East:<br> Blair Arch View inside Blair Arch Clock at Blair Arch Owl Detail at Door Archway: Lockhart and Foulke Halls Tiger Detail at Door Archway: Lockhart and Foulke Halls Moore's Oval with Points <br> (aka Snarling Tiger by Whig Hall East Pyne Hall Tower Courtyard Windows: East Pyne Hall Archway Detail: East Pyne Hall Side Door Arch Detail: Princeton University Chapel Chapel Wall in the Garden: Princeton University Chapel Archway between Dickinson Hall and Princeton University Chapel Gateway Detail by Laughlin Hall George Segal's Circus Acrobats Roof Detail on Pyne Hall Picasso's Head of a Woman Detail of Patton Hall Archway View through 1915 Hall Looking Towards Whitman College Gateway Detail: Whitman College Courtyard Detail: Whitman College

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