Multimedia presented in video format is a very popular way to present ideas and concepts to an audience. By integrating both sound and images, a concept can be more fully realized.


Below are examples of video presentations that I created.


The VISSOL commercial is for a fictional product. It was created using iMovie, which is a simplified version of Final Cut Pro (much like using Adobe Premiere Essentials). The presentation for the web-based design project explains the initial storyboards to be used for the VISSOL project, and was created using PowerPoint and Camtasia Relay. Both of these videos are also featured in the fictional


The video at the bottom is an audition video that I directed, filmed, and edited for my friend who is seeking to become a chef online or on television. She's been using this video to promote herself, and gained an agent as a result! This was filmed entirely with an iPhone, and edited in iMovie.


VISSOL Commercial
(Please note: VISSOL is a fictional company and fictional website.)
Web Based Training Design Storyboard Presentation
Chef Josette Makes Chicken Marsala

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