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The specialized documents here present two examples of my specialized knowledge in e-learning and mobile learning (m-learning). I took a special interest in this specialty when I transitioned from a career in client services to a career in information technology and technical communications. While I've focused my graduate studies to be broad for several kinds of technical communications, instructional design, e-learning and m-learning remain my "first loves".

This essay focuses on how hypertext theory is used in the creation and usage of e-learning and m-learning.

Written shortly after the passing of Steve Jobs, one of the biggest advocates of HTML5, this case study examines steps that had been taken by Adobe as of the Fall of 2011 to address the growing use of HTML5 for desktop and mobile device use in browsers instead of Adobe Flash.

This Whitepaper was taken from an original paper done for a graduate course entitled, "Identity, Culture and Technology." The paper discusses how hypertext theory and educational pedagogy work together to enhance information retention by those who use mobile learning methods. The presentation that I do, "The Future of m-Learning", used the information in this whitepaper as its foundation. This paper is also available as an ePub:

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