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The Future of Mobile Learning: Empowering Human Memory and Literacy is based on my white paper of the same title, which can be found here.  It talks about the evolution of written language, and how the foundation for written language applies to writing practices in mobile content creation, especially for course creation.  This presentation can be adapted for mobile content not related to e-learning for future presentations. It has also been presented as a workshop, which is shown in the slides below.


This presentation has been given at the following:


March 2014 - presentation at Drexel University's 2014 e-Learning Conference 3.0, Philadelphia, PA


April 2015 - presentation at Conduit 2015: STC-Philadelphia Metro Chapter's Mid-Atlantic Technical Conference, Philadelphia, PA


July 2015 - workshop version of this presentation given at the 2015 IEEE ProComm, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland


May 2016 - workshop version of this presentation given at the 2016 STC Summit, Anaheim, CA


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