: Corporate & Professional Documentation

The corporate world is all about communication. Without corporate or professional communications, products or services wouldn't be sold, and information wouldn't be shared within a company to find way to better generate revenue.  The following documents are samples of corporate and professional documentation created to display my expertise in creating desktop publications  and professional analysis reports.

VISSOL Documentation:


The VISSOL documentation are samples of brochures and a press release for a fictional company that I created.  You can see the full

Analysis Reports:


The following samples are professional reports written by a technical communicator, namely a needs assessment report, and two website evaluations, one of which is a heuristic evaluation.



 - A needs assessment evaluation for a fictional manufacturer's documentation.



 - While this website is a hoax, I evaluated it as if it were a legitimate website.



- This report reviews the strengths and weaknesses of a website and includes recommendations.

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