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Blogging can be used to provide information for either personal or professional uses, such as marketing products, but it can also be a way of connecting readers to the writer in the process of learning opinions, observations, and information about any given topic.


I have written for many blogs over the years, but wrote two in connection with technical communications. Untying the Knots, (now defunct) was the techincal communications blog I kept during my graduate years.  TechCommGeekMom, the blog shown below, is the blog that I started in March 2012, centering around the topic of technical communications, and contains original content as well as curated content. Since its inception, it has steadily been gaining momentum in the technical communication and digital marketing social media circles. I believe that my blogging style, while relaxed in tone, is still informative and allows my readers to get to know my personality while still conveying information that I find important and timely to current events.


Please enjoy reading my blog:


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