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I had the great fortune to receive the opportunity to work with Adobe Systems to create and present a webinar sponsored by Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3.5. After reading a blog post on my blog, TechCommGeekMom.com, an Adobe marketing executive contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in doing a webinar for them as part of their Thought Leadership series. Of course, I said yes! The presentation was originally done live on 5 June 2012 to great reception. (I was told that the attendence turnout was very good.) The description for the webinar, as posted by Adobe on their website, read as follows:

Transition from Content Consumer to Content Creator: Dual Viewpoints

The technical communications world is changing quickly with technological advances. It can be a difficult transition from content consumer to becoming a content creator. If you are new to the technical communications field and trying to find some direction, how do you make that transition and learn the tools of the trade? Join technical communicator Danielle Villegas, who blogs and tweets as TechCommGeekMom, as she discusses the challenges of being a content manager, pursuing a professional course in Technical Communication, and moving ahead in a technical communications career. Danielle will concentrate on content for mobile devices while sharing her first hand experiences learning about the most desired skills. She will be discussing how visual and web design, technical writing and editing, and content management skills come together to create good technical content. The link to the presentation is found here (You will need to log in to the Adobe site, but it is free.):

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